HD Radio Directory - Credits & References

This HD radio directory was compiled by Kyle (DXsphere) based on information obtained from numerous sources.

These sources include:
* Personal observation: I received these personally on my SPARC SHD-TX2, Sangean HDR-14 and Sangean HDR-18 receivers
* YouTube videos/bandscans
* Observations from fellow DXers: They sent me a list and/or media (pictures, videos) of HD stations they caught.
* SDR: Found these using SDRs on kiwisdr.com (AM stations)

This HD Radio Directory is a project created by Kyle (DXsphere). While I strive for this database to be as accurate and up to date as possible, it is not associated with iBiquity/Xperi or the official HD Radio website (https://hdradio.com/) in any way.

I would like to credit the members of the International DXing Group and IBOC, Digital Radio & Digital TV Discord servers, as well as following people specifically for their significant contributions to the directory. Names highlighted indicate that the person is aware and/or has helped me directly.

Below is a list of videos (from people not listed above) I also received information from:

More names/videos will be added as I receive more HD radio information

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or changes, please send an email to dxsphere@gmail.com.